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LMT Phased Array UT Services

Delivering the Latest Technology and Procedures

PAUT Analysis Display
PAUT Analysis Display
Technician Setting up PAUT
Technicians Reviewing PAUT Data
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Curtiss-Wright's LMT division leads the industry in the development and delivery of advanced Phased Array UT (PAUT) including fully encoded techniques and systems. Our proprietary systems and techniques provide superior detection and flaw evaluation for critical service and complex geometry applications.

We also provide non-encoded phased array UT for complex geometries and critical service welds when increased coverage and flaw evaluation are warranted. Our highly qualified personnel have competed rigorous training and certification requirements. LMT also provides custom tailored PAUT training at our Ridgewater College facility annually.

Curtiss-Wright's LMT division delivers Fully Encoded PAUT of:

  • Inconel Allow 600 Dissimilar Metal Welds
  • RCS Alloy 600 Branch connections
  • Weld Overlay Repairs
  • ASME and B31.1 Welds in Lieu of Radiography
  • Socket Welded Joints (for extent of condition or PLEX)

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