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Instrumentation & Controls

Instrumentation & Controls

I&C Engineering Services

Curtiss-Wright offers engineering services to address the needs of our customers and allow them to continue operating to their fullest capabilities. We can diagnose, repair, and refurbish most I&C units to like-new condition. Contact Curtiss-Wright’s I&C team discuss potential repairs and refurbishments.

Module Reverse Engineering

Curtiss-Wright is an industry leader in reverse engineering replacements for obsolete process control systems. With a 25-year history in supporting obsolete systems in commercial nuclear power plants, we have developed an efficient and robust reverse engineering process that has been reviewed and approved by NUPIC, NRC, DOE, as well as other suppliers to the commercial nuclear industry. These form/fit/function replacements can be installed under 10CFR50.59 and can greatly extend the useful life of these systems that were designed in the 1960s and 1970s.


Re-Engineering services are an enhancement service for replacing modules as part of an instrument and control systems. The form/fit/function remain the same as the original module, but the control boards are re-engineered. With this service, the I&C system will be enhanced in its maintainability and affordability. Re-engineered replacements are tested and certified to the same nuclear industry standards and requirements as intended and meet quality assurance program requirements for safety and non-safety application.

New Product Development & Design

Curtiss-Wright offers I&C design services to support the design, development and replacement of an existing analog instrument or new control system. The I&C team is made up of industry leading I&C experts and manufacturing capabilities to support the design, development and prototype process and deliver I&C systems according to customer specifications. Curtiss-Wright I&C engineers guide the process to ensure the newly designed modules and systems are in accordance with 10CFR 50, Appendix B; ASI N45.2; and ASME NQA-1 

Repair Services

Curtiss-Wright’s provides I&C repair and refurbishment services for instrumentation and control equipment used in commercial nuclear power plants. Our team has provided these services to the nuclear industry for over 40 years with successful installments in dozens of nuclear facilities. We offer repair services Curtiss-Wright equipment as well as equipment from other vendors, both safety-related and commercial.

Curtiss-Wright repair services utilize original parts and provide engineering insights for substitute components when the original parts are obsolete or no longer available. All repair and/or refurbished I&C equipment is tested to confirm that it meets the manufacturer’s specifications. Commonly repaired I&C modules include:

  • GEMAC 5000 Series Modules
  • Westinghouse Hagan 7100 Series Modules
  • Foxboro H-Line and SPEC200 Series Modules
  • Rosemount 510DU/710DU Trip Unit Modules
  • Bailey 7000, 820 & 880 Series Modules