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Information Solutions


In-processing solution for the contract and full-time employees

Curtiss-Wright Nuclear’s Ready2Work™ Worker In-Processing system is designed to support the in-processing and out-processing of temporary, contractor and permanent employees. Ready2Work facilitates the administration of work contracts, worker requests, training deficiencies, task scheduling, badge activity tracking and worker progress at all owner facilities.

Ready2Work leverages existing applications that manage contracts, access requests, training and badging with new scheduling and tracking logic to produce a virtual command center for managing worker in-processing. Comprehensive reports, performance indicators and trending graphs provide real-time feedback and management oversight capability for this complex process.

Ready2Work Key Benefits

  • Realize substantial cost savings through reduced in-processing time
  • Significantly reduce worker in-processing schedule impact
  • Improve training scheduling and resource utilization
  • Schedule resources across multiple fleet sites
  • Create job and worker requests during preoutage planning
  • Monitor resource contract status and costs
  • Track worker progress through in-processing tasks
  • Optimize training schedules
  • Monitor badging activities

Ready2Work Features

  • Training Solutions
    • Defines job/training requirements
    • Defines training equivalencies
    • Interfaces to PADS and NanTel to collect training records
    • Interfaces to local LMS system to collect training records
    • Identifies training deficiencies
    • Allows reports by worker, date or work contract
  • Task Scheduling
    • Defines task activities
    • Defines task schedules
    • Allows task priorities and grouping
    • Allows bulk task scheduling
    • Allows rescheduling for missed or cancelled task
    • Allows reports by worker, date or vendor
  • Badge Activity Tracking
    • Allows check-in and check-out for each task
    • Interfaces to local badging system for task updates
    • Interfaces to local LMS system for training updates
    • Utilizes bar codes for minimal data input
  • Worker Progress
    • Tracks training, badging and in-processing tasks
    • Allows reports by date, worker, vendor or sponsor
  • Technical Features
    • Net Framework
    • Oracle / SQL Server Database
    • Windows Application Deployed using ClickOnce
    • Windows Network Authentication