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Information Solutions

Information Solutions

Mobile Technology

A single platform with limitless applications

The nuclear workplace continues to transform to a work environment with greater worker mobility and faster more accurate data exchange. Using a device-agnostic platform, Curtiss-Wright's mobile platform allows utilities to take paper-based processes to a completely digital, workflow-enabled format utilizing web and mobile components that:

  • positively affect worker productivity
  • introduce process efficiencies
  • eliminate the need for data re-entry
  • increase visibility of work status
  • enhance human performance and safety
  • expand the capabilities of existing systems

Curtiss-Wright Nuclear Ovalpath technology serves as the platform for two fully-functional applications ready for deployment, our Mobile Radiation Protection Surveys and Electronic Work Management.

Mobile Radiation Protection Surveys

The solution to solve your toughest radiation protection documentation challenges. Now you can manage all aspects of radiation protection surveys and procedure documentation in a single application available from desktop or mobile devices. Technicians will always have the latest information for briefings and analysis. Supervisors and technicians manage forms, site maps and other documents in real-time from a mobile device anywhere in the plant. The end result is a simpler procedure that leads to critical time and dose savings and up-to-the-minute information.

  • Supervisors and technicians manage forms, site maps and other documents in real-time from a mobile device anywhere in the plant
  • Quickly perform surveys or high radiation briefs, allowing timely decisions and faster task start-up
  • Use optimized digital forms with custom annotation tools
  • Dose rate and contamination measures for all radiation types with hot spot highlights
  • Faster access to survey and radiation results

Electronic Work Management

This application gives you the right tool to transition from paper-based work to a digital application supporting the work lifecycle across maintenance planning, work document review and update, field execution, and work order close out. Planners, supervisors, maintenance crew, and corporate managers create and review work, manage workflow, capture field data, and manage work documentation seamlessly across network-connected and offline environments. The system supports non-outage, pre-outage, and outage activities.

  • Handles all types of work performed, including preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance, surveillances, and plant modification implementation
  • Uses optimized digital forms with custom annotation tools
  • Acess to historical data and conditions for comparison
  • Multiple data capture and recording techniques including direct annotation, place-keeping, voice-to-text, pick lists, and bar code reading and verification