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Welding, Machining, and Fabrication Services

Enertech, a product and service brand of Curtiss-Wright Nuclear, provides precision machining and ASME welding services for repairs of critical parts and components, fabrication and assembly of modules and skid packages. Customers rely on Enertech for engineering expertise and innovative design, manufacturing and high quality custom components and system integration. Our machining and fabrication solutions can meet tight delivery schedules within a competitive cost structure. With application expertise, industry knowledge and skilled technicians, Enertech is a key solutions provider to the nuclear power industry.

Assembly, Inspection and Test Capability

Enertech employs an array of inspection tools and commercial dedication processes to ensure conformance to drawings and specifications. QA inspectors apply hands on experience to verify dimensions and identify out of tolerance conditions.

  • Laser based CMM and optical comparator stations
  • Material NDE, LPT, visual and other methods as required
  • Material identification and analysis – FTIR, XRF, PMI, hardness
  • Hydrostatic and leak test up to 14,000 psi, (gas /liquid)

Design Engineering and Fabrication Services

Build to print or initial concept, Enertech provides superior design, engineering and fabrication capabilities based on decades of experience integrating vessels, pumps, valves, snubbers, and heat exchangers for critical applications. Enertech's shop is managed for performance to deliver projects of the highest quality standards that meet our customer's toughest challenges and stringent business needs and schedules.

  • Pumps, compressors and gear boxes, Safety Related and Code
  • EDG, oil filtration and pump system, Safety Related
  • Integrated skid pump, heat exchanger and tank, Commercial
  • Test stations and structural modules

Machining Services

Enertech provides precision CNC machining based on state-of-the-art CAD/CAM programming to save time and reduce waste thereby minimizing cost. Multiple vertical and horizontal CNC machines centers along with manual lathes, drills, grinders and boring tools create complex specialty parts and components.

  • Multi axis CNC machines – up to 72" L x 24"OD
  • Single run, complex geometry and close tolerance work
  • Able to work with all grades of carbon & stainless steels, titanium, monel, hastelloy, and inconel

Welding Services

A fully equipped ASME Section IX weld shop with experienced welders perform gas tungsten (GTAW), shielded metal arc (SMAW) and flux core arc (FCAW) welding processes using manual and semi-automatic methods. Equipment includes wire feeders, manipulators, backing gases and various fixtures to support difficult workloads. In house documented procedures and qualifications supported by NDT technicians excel at meeting the most challenging customer requirements.

  • Processes TIG, MIG, SAW, FCAW
  • Carbon and stainless steels, titanium, monel, duplex expertise
  • Overlay – Hard-facing & CRES, stellite, norem, stainless steel
  • ASTM, ASME and AWS procedures and qualifications
  • ASME Section V, NDT inspections and certifications