Engineering Services

Engineering & Design Capabilities

With an experienced staff ready to provide custom solutions to complex problems, Enertech, a product and services brand of Curtiss-Wright Nuclear, offers the engineering and design capabilities to support the deployed nuclear fleet, advanced reactors under development and the U.S. Department of Energy. From supporting nuclear power plants at the preliminary design phase through first of a kind construction and all the way to replacing obsolete equipment, Enertech has provided hundreds of custom design solutions to nuclear power plants worldwide to maximize operations efficiency by reducing equipment costs and plant labor.


Engineering Capabilities

Enertech engineers are experts in engineering and integrating components such as valves, actuators, hydraulic power units, snubbers, venturis, instrumentation and control systems, gearboxes, and fans into a variety of plant systems. They possess a broad range of skills and experience in designing and analyzing components essential to the safety and functionality of nuclear power plants. Areas of expertise include:

  • Upgrades and Modifications
  • ASME B&PVC Section III Div 1 & Div 5 Code Design/Reconciliation
  • Custom Equipment Designs
  • Qualification of Components (IEEE 344, 323, 382, ASME QME-1)
  • Engineering Analysis of Components
    • Structural Analysis
    • Seismic Analysis
    • Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis
    • Manufacturability Analysis 
  • System Level Integration of Curtiss-Wright products
  • Commercial Grade Dedication
  • Application Engineering Support
  • Obsolescence Solutions

ASME B&PVC Section III, Division 5 Design Capabilities

Enertech maintains ASME Section III Division 5 certification to support high-temperature reactor systems and their supporting systems. With this certification, Enertech can conduct stress analysis, testing, design, and auditing of materials for use in high-temperature reactors, including Advanced Reactor (AR) and Small Module Reactor (SMR) designs.

Quality Assurance Programs

Our Quality Assurance programs are maintained at the highest standards of excellence in support of rigorous industry requirements, meeting 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, 10 CFR 21, ASME NQA-1, ASME NCA 3800/NCA 4000, and ISO 9001. We hold ASME N, NPT, NR, NS, UV, QSC, VR, and ISO Certificates of Authorizations. In addition, our quality programs meet the requirements of Canada, France, China, Russia, and Romania.