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Low Emissions Packing

Low Emission Packing RingsStyle 7050 low emission packing was developed to meet the most demanding fugitive emissions requirements and regulations for the refinery, petrochemical, and chemical industries. Style 7050 is manufactured from high purity flexible graphite in a multiple braid construction. An Inconel filament jacket is added for greater mechanical integrity and to prevent graphite extrusion. It can be used as a stand-alone packing with no containment end rings required.



    Style 7050 is resilient, compressible, and thermally conductive. Because the packing is self-lubricating, it requires little or no product lubrication. Braided flexible graphite packing provides long life, low maintenance and leak free operation in most all applications.

    Part Number/Name Size (Inches)  FT/LB
    1000151331 Braided Graphite Low Emissions Packing 0.2500  28.00
    Braided Graphite Low Emissions Packing
    0.3130  18.30
    1000151335Braided Graphite Low Emissions Packing
    0.3750  12.50
    Braided Graphite Low Emissions Packing
    0.4380  9.20
    Braided Graphite Low Emissions Packing
    0.5000  7.00
    1000151338Braided Graphite Low Emissions Packing0.5630 5.70





    Testing and Documentation

    The unique sealing characteristics of Style 7050 have allowed it to successfully pass the requirements of API Standard 622, 2nd Edition. During this stringent test Style 7050 achieved an incredibly low average emissions rate of 2.3 ppm in a static environment and an average of 3 ppm in a dynamic environment. These results are well below the allowable leak rate of 100 ppm.
    Style 7050 took on the challenge of the Chevron Texaco Fugitive Emissions Test and passed with flying colors. The test was independently performed at Yarmouth Research and Technology. This rigorous test requires 5,000 cycles and a maximum allowable leak rate of 500 ppm.
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